How to clean an Iron – Part 1

A dirty iron can cause a lot of problems, especially if you have a big load of laundry to take care of. Over time, water can leave behind mineral deposits. If you use a spray on starch or other product, this can leave gunk behind on the plate of the iron. Fortunately, though, irons are […]

How to Clean a Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are among the most used items in your household. It’s no wonder, then, that they can also be the dirtiest. Left unclean too long, the bacteria that manifest in the sink can lead to life-threatening illnesses. However, by effectively incorporating non-harmful cleaning products like baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, and old-fashioned elbow grease, […]

How to clean Cast Iron Pots and Pans – Part 3

Cleaning Cast Iron Pots and Pans 1. Wash the pan with hot water and a sponge.  Rub back and forth over the surface and interior of the pan. Take notice of places that have stuck on food. If you clean the cast iron immediately after using it, most foods will come off fairly easily. This […]

How to clean Cast Iron Pots and Pans – Part 2

Cleaning Aluminum Pots and Pans 1. Pour three parts water to one part white wine vinegar into the pot or pan.  Mix the solution with a spoon or a fork until it becomes well incorporated. The acidic vinegar will clean dirty and tarnished areas on the aluminum. 2. Bring the solution to a boil on […]

How to clean Cast Iron Pots and Pans – Part 1

Washing by Hand 1. Fill your pot or pan ⅓ of the way with hot water. Hot water is effective at removing stuck on food and stains. You shouldn’t put non-stick, cast iron, or aluminum pots and pans in a dish washer. Putting your pots and pans in the dishwasher may scratch and damage them. […]

How to clean Bathtub

Out of all cleaning tasks in the house, bathroom cleaning is the most disliked task. But no one wants that grimy bathtub, so you will have to clean it regardless of how you dread the task. Unfortunately, soap and water will not make your bathroom sparkling clean, the only thing they will do it form […]

How to Clean Bathroom Grout

The grout for-bathrooms are a highlight among the most difficult-regions to clean. Its permeable-nature, however when it is fixed, implies that dirt, soap-waste, form & accumulation can, minus much stretching, end-up imbued. Do Other times, keeping grout-clean in one’s home can remain a test, as it needs more of effort. Anyway, if one realizes how […]

How to Clean Faucet

If you have recently introduced an exceptionally attractive & expensive faucet in one’s bathroom, it’s likely that an adequate-attendance schedule will be deeply attractive to keep the job complete and its appearance for a long-time. Maintaining the complete capacity of the bathroom-faucet would probably not require a large quantity of work. The bathroom key-cleaner changes […]

How to clean a Bathroom Sink

If the bathroom-sink is clean, at that time it is sensible & also looks so good. If you have a clean-sink, it would prevent the spread of germs in one’s home. It could be very hard to do it, however, cleaning the bathroom-sink is useful & worthwhile for style, cleanliness & well-being. Here are some-tips […]

How To Clean Car Ceiling

Car ceiling- is the uppermost part of your car. The car ceiling material is called a headliner. There are various ways of cleaning the headliner. Washing your headliner prevents contaminants like dirt, dust, airborne pollutants from staying in it. Cleaning includes both do’s and don’ts to enhance cleaning and avoid damages. DO’S Tip 1: Spot […]