How To Clean Car Ceiling

Car ceiling- is the uppermost part of your car. The car ceiling material is called a headliner. There are various ways of cleaning the headliner. Washing your headliner prevents contaminants like dirt, dust, airborne pollutants from staying in it.

Cleaning includes both do’s and don’ts to enhance cleaning and avoid damages.


Tip 1: Spot cleaning

Removing Mild Stains

Spray upholstery cleaner on one end of a piece of cloth.
Wipe the dirt with the wet cloth. Apply gentle pressure on the wet cloth, scrubbing gently along the grain of the headliner. Take the dry end of the cloth and bolt the wetted spot to remove excess wetness. Let the cleaner dry and check if the stain is visible.
The mild stain disappears, if it’s still visible then you clean further with the next procedure so as to Remove the tough Stains.

Spray your upholstery cleaner on the brush bristles until are wet. Gently scrub the area with the brush. Work in small circles. When the stain loosens, wipe away the cleaner with the soft cloth and clean as much of the stain as you can. Let the cleaner dry and the stain should now be invisible. If the stain is still visible you can clean further using another procedure. That is the use of steam Cleaners.

Use of Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners use pressurized vapour to loosen dirt and penetrate the stain. Spray the entire stain using the narrow nozzle. Place the steam nozzle on the stain at a distance of 5cm. Bolt the wet stain with a piece of cloth.

When spot cleaning is not enough to remove the stains, it’s necessary to clean the whole headliner.

Tip 2: Surface Cleaning

Spray upholstery cleaner on the brush. When bristles are wet, evenly and gently scrub the headliner making sure you scrub all the headliner surface. Let the cleaner dry. You could also use a wet vacuum cleaner to remove the cleaning solution.

Tip 3: Deep Cleaning

Use a deep cleaning machine.

Fill the machine with water and cleaning solution. Read the machine’s manual to know the quantity of water to use. Place a narrow nozzle on the hose.
Spray cleaner on the headliner, moving the machine steadily so that it does not soak the cleaner on one part. Use similar directions of strokes while spraying, to have a uniform appearance.

Once dry run your palm on the headliner to remove dry lines left by the deep cleaner.

Don’ts include:

Tip 1. Do not apply much pressure on the brush bristles.

Excess pressure may tear the headliner fabric.

Tip 2.

Do not direct the steam vapour directly on fabric as it could damage the adhesive beneath the fabric.

Tip 3. Do not spray the cleaner directly on the headliner.

This will lead to destruction of the fabric at a faster rate leading to the drop of the frame.

Tip 4.

Don’t use just any cleaner. Always use the specified brand of cleaner appropriate for your headliner.

Extra tips include

Don’t drive off after you have finished washing instead let it dry, preferably a whole day in a well-ventilated area.

Do not use a vacuum cleaner as the pressure can pull the fabric from the adhesive.

Always ensure to follow the above guidelines. Cleaning your car headliner gives it a fresh smelling and new outlook appearance

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