How to clean Bathtub

Out of all cleaning tasks in the house, bathroom cleaning is the most disliked task. But no one wants that grimy bathtub, so you will have to clean it regardless of how you dread the task.

Unfortunately, soap and water will not make your bathroom sparkling clean, the only thing they will do it form another layer of grime, soap scum not to mention stubborn stains from hard water.

So how do you clean your bathtub? An ideal solution is to use store-bought cleaners, but you can as well use natural cleaning products like salt and grapefruits.


Wash away hair and Grit

Use the shower to wash away debris in the way you can try spraying water around the tub if you have a removable showerhead or you can just pour water around it. Wipe away any hair with a paper towel before you rinse the tub to avoid clogging up your drain.

Get rid of grime

When grapefruits is combined with salt, it can help get rid of the grime. All you need it cut the fruit in half and cover it with the rest half with salt. Scrub the tub with grapefruit, releasing its juice as you move. Repeat this process with the other half and probably with more grapefruit depending on the grime buildup.

Get rid of soap scum

If you have soap scum on your bathtub, try mixing castile soap, baking soda and few drops of essential oil to create a perfect cleaning scrub. You can also tackle it with an old toothbrush or other cleaning brush. Take your time when scrubbing to make sure everything is gone.

Get rid of bacteria and stains

Vinegar spray is your best bet when trying to get rid of bacteria and stains. It is slightly acidic, so getting rid of bacteria will be easy or stain around the interior of the bathtub. Just mix one cup of vinegar with water. Splay it around the tub, then scrub the strains away.

Clear the drain

If you think there is a clod on the tub drain, or it’s been a while since you last clean it, then use some baking soda to clear it. You can also pour half a cup of white distilled water to clear the clog followed by some hot water.

Try Borax for hard stains

Some stains are stubborn, if that the case, then try borax as well as lemon. Just dust the stain with borax, and lemon in half and run them on the stain.


Don’t use abrasive Brush or Metal

When cleaning the bathroom tub, avoid using metal and abrasive brush because this will damage the tub. If a place is hard to reach, use an old toothbrush with the more recommended cleaning products.

Don’t forget to turn on the fan

The purpose of the bathroom fun is underrated, but it can be quite useful when it comes to cutting down mildew and mold in your bathroom. Leave it for just half an hour after cleaning.


Don’t Mix chemicals

You need your bathroom to look clean, but that not a reason to mix chemical unknowingly. Some of the chemicals you use combined with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide can generate toxic gas which is not safe. Commercial cleaners can also form poisonous gases, or noxious fumes so don’t mix them.
Pick the right cleaning products

You may have a lot of options, and the choice of cleaning product clearly depend on your preferences. But always make sure you choose a product that will give you a sparkling tub. Remember for any product to be effective, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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