April 20, 2021

Best Vacuum For Tile Floors In 2021

best vacuum for tile floors

best vacuum for tile floors

The maintenance of parts of houses and apartments requires regular cleaning of floors, walls, furniture ceilings, etc. This routine task is very often demanding, especially when you are very busy.

But the choice of a vacuum cleaner must also be made according to the type of soil to be vacuumed. Some are great for carpets and rugs. Others are more recommended for parquet and other hard floors. 

Here, we present to you a comparison of the Best Vacuum For Tile Floors which will undoubtedly help you to make good choices. We selected these 10 models according to several criteria: brand, suction power, weight, handling, etc. We also made sure to present the 3 main types of vacuum cleaners: broom, sled, and robot.

Leading Best Vacuum For Tile Floors

1. LG HOM-BOT Wi-Fi Enabled Robotic Vacuum


  • Dust capacity is 0.6 liters. When you turn on Wi-Fi, conveniently order a vacuum cleaner with your smartphone.
  • With cameras mounted at the top and bottom, HOM-BOT maps the area around your home for cleaning to help ensure it doesn’t lose a spot.
  • Quickly see which areas of your home have been vacuumed with a glance at the cleaning diary.
  • Gone are the days when the vacuum cleaner engulfed the TV and stirred up the pets indoors. HOM-BOT works very quietly, it is almost unnoticed.
  • HOM-BOT, with a longer side brush, cleans corners and edges with impressive results.
  • This item learns where to go and identifies objects to avoid, thus minimizing the impact on household furnishings and appliances.
  • It allows you to choose between seven different custom cleaning modes, each suited to different tasks.

2. Sirena Vacuum Cleaner – Water Filtration, 2-Speed, Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner


  • Sirena Vacuum comes with water-based technology. With no more dirty bags, odors, or clogged filters. Everything is stuck in the water and the water is never clogged. Every time you use Sirena, you feel like you are using a brand new vacuum cleaner.
  • It has 2 SPEED modes. Releasing the powerful 1000W Sirena motor for cleaning carpets, floors, furniture, etc. Or switch to Low Speed ​​and use Sirena as an air purifier.
  • This item goes with 6 UNIQUE ARCHITECTURE. That is A perfect tool for every cleaning task is included in the box.
  • Easily clean carpets, hard floors, furniture, mattresses, and more. Sirena can also be used as a blower or inflated air mattress and balloons.
  • Water is an impenetrable barrier for most allergens including dust mites, pollen, and pet hair. Sirena is a vacuum cleaner of choice for pet owners and people with asthma/allergies.
  • Easily clean up wet messes like pet puddles or spilled grain. Simply rinse the hose after use by sucking a glass of clean water.

3. Neato Robotics D7 Connected Bundle Laser Guided Robot Vacuum


  • Neato Robotics D7 has Dustbin capacity which is 0.7 liters. The second charging facility is included. So now you can charge your robot at the first and second level of your home.
  • This item comes with laser smart technology scans and maps your entire house, cleaning in straight lines instead of a random pattern. It even allows robots to see in the dark.
  • With area cleaning, you can clean up trouble areas in your home more often. Create an area using the Simplo application, then select the area to clean it up
  • Your robot is smart and can remember up to three-floor plans. So now you can set up lines that don’t go on every story and tell your robot where not to go.
  • Turbo mode gets the deepest stains you can see. It speeds up the brush and increases suction power, getting into every last crack and crevice
  • The spiral combination brush is 70Percent larger than a circular robot. It works on any hardwood, carpet or brick surface, so it’s great for every home
  • Extremely high-performance filter designed to trap things that make us sneeze and itch, capturing up to 99Percent of small dust mites and allergens as small as 10 microns
  • It has a battery life of up to 120 minutes, perfect for even the biggest houses. One plus, when you need to recharge, enjoy fast charging.

4. iRobot Roomba S9 (9150) Robot Vacuum- Wi-Fi Connected, Smart Mapping


  • Roomba s9 comes with the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Handling System so your s9 robot vacuum cleaner can empty its own drum. (Clean facilities sold separately)
  • With PerfectEdge technology and specially designed corner brush optimize cleaning deep into corners and along edges. Advanced sensors continually scan forwards at a rate of 25 times per second to detect obstacles during cleaning.
  • Smartly map and remember multiple floor plans to clean your entire home. Using advanced vSLAM navigation technology, robots collect over 230,400 data points per millisecond to optimize. wave covering the area.
  • It has Imprint Smart Mapping which allows robots to learn, map, and adapt to your home. If debris spills onto the floor as you race for breakfast, you can simply tell the Roomba s9 robot to immediately clean the dining room using Alexa or Google Voice Assistant.
  • The Imprint link technology allows Roomba s9 and Braava jet m6 robots to automatically clean in sequence – vacuum and then clean the house.
  • This is Ideal for pet homes. Double-sided multi-surface rubber brushes are not tangled with pet hair. Adjustable and bendable brush to keep in constant contact with hard carpets and floors. High-efficiency filter traps 99% of cat and dog allergens.
  • It equipped with advanced hardware capable of delivering the smart features you love today and access to our latest advances in the future through designed software updates to improve functionality over time.
  • Total Box Contents: 1 Roomba s9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 1 North American Power Cord, 1 Additional High-Performance Filter, 1 Additional Corner Brush, Owner’s Guide, Document Pack
  • iRobot does not endorse the quality or authenticity of products purchased from unauthorized dealers on Amazon and will not include claims, service or replacement offers for products purchased from these sellers

5. ProTeam Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner


  • ProTeam is excellent clean that with four-stage advanced filter including ULPA media filter certified to filter 99.999 percent to 0.12 microns to trap microparticles
  • This item has ULPA that Meet the EPA definition of ULPA vacuum according to the main Safety, Innovation and Repair Code (EPA RRP Rule)
  • With 50 feet long power cord allows cleaning large areas without unplugging while handy harness helps to clean for long periods of time comfortably.
  • It comes with perfect accessories for cleaning hard floors, carpets, stairs, upholstery, and more.
  • Ideal for a controlled environment, clean room, and computer room to protect against dust and allergens.

6. OVO Heavy Duty Powerful Central Vacuum System, Hybrid Filtration


  • With 30 ft high-pressure hose with electric attachment.
  • OVO has strength 700 L AIR INSPECTOR, 5.7 Computer, 2-stage motor – and adding 20% to the life of your OVO Central Vacuum Motor.
  • This has Silica System that built-in muffler and noise-canceling foam are added to the engine compartment.
  • It covers an area of ​​up to 9000 square feet, 8 or more inlets – CANISTER – 9.25 gallons or 35 liters of Canister loaded on steel bottom.
  • It can be used with OR No three-layer disposable filter bag. (INCLUDED) – 1 machine-washable permanent filter (INCLUDED) (for Bagless operations).
  • LED informs the user about your central vacuum status and works on non-specialized 15-ampere circuit breakers and 3 secs learning technology which Remove dust from the spout.
  • This item has high-pressure hose 30 ft, Toggle switch on the handle, Electric carpet damper (Powerhead), 12 ” floor brush, 2 astronomical wand, Dust brush, brush covers, crevice tools, chrome hangers, and accessory pockets.
  • It has 12 hard wires (super valve adapter available and sold separately) and compatible with most existing entry doors and prevention rotate at the handle
  • With 6 adjustable heights with LED lights (Ideal for carpeted rooms) + 12-floor brush which horsehair Deluxe floor brush (ideal for tiles and hardwood floors)

7. Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Blue


  • Dyson’s most intelligent, powerful wireless vacuum cleaner. Twice the suction of any wireless vacuum.
  • Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home – Our vacuum cleaners and filters are scientifically proven to capture small particles such as allergens and bacteria.
  • Its designs for the whole family, deep cleaning. Attractive power, runtime, and tools designed to deep clean your entire home.
  • Smart optimizes suction and run time on all floor types. The balance of power and runtime when you need it.
  • Up to 60 minutes runtime. and design for bigger houses with pets. Actual runtime will vary based on source mode, floor type, and/or attachment used.
  • With High torque cleaning head. Automatically adjusts suction power and strength to deep clean different types of floors without changing the cleaner head.
  • Filter entire advanced machine. The entire advanced filter trap 99.99% particles, dust, and allergens as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Dyson’s tools for home and car cleaning include small motorized tools to remove pet hair from upholstery and tight spaces.
  • Converted into a handheld device for cleaning cars, stairs, and upholstery.
  • The set item includes a torque drive head, small motor tool, crevice tool, stubborn dirt brush, soft dust brush, combination tool, wand storage clamps, docking station, and set charges.

8. Samsung Electronics R7070 Robot Vacuum Self-cleaning Brush for Pet Hair


  • R7070 Robot has 40 times more powerful suction power. Delivers 40 times more powerful cleaning power to all floors when compared to conventional vacuum cleaners with a circular design
  • The self-cleaning brush automatically removes and removes pet hair collected around the brush
  • With Edge Clean Master – An innovative rubber blade that extends to clean hard to reach areas such as corners and along the edges of walls.
  • This item comes with Telemetry and panoramic sensor 2.0 – Onboard cameras and multiple sensors create the ideal cleaning path to clean multiple rooms while avoiding obstacles along the way. The insurance map shows you where POWERbot has been cleaned.
  • It has Wi-Fi connection that allows you to remotely control the robot vacuum cleaner on your smartphone or through voice-enabled devices such as Bixby, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

9. Nadair Compact 600 AW Central Vacuum Power Unit, Hybrid Filtration


  • Nadair Compact has Powerful 600 Airwatts Central vacuum and 30 ft high-pressure hose with power supply.
  • With powerful: 600 air watts, 5.5 stages, 2-stage AMETEK USA motor – START / STOP SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY: Add 20% to the life of your OVO Central Vacuum Motor
  • It has Silica System: Built-in muffler and noise-canceling foam are added to the engine compartment
  • Up to 6000 square feet, Maximum of 8 entrances – CANISTER – 5. 8 gallons / 22 liters, Spun aluminum bottom loading.
  • This item can be used with OR No three-layer disposable filter bag (INCLUDED) – 1 machine-washable permanent filter (INCLUDED) (for Bagless operations),
  • LED informs the user about your central vacuum status. and works on non-specialized 15-ampere circuit breakers and 3 SECS LEARNING TECHNOLOGY: Remove dust from the spout.
  • It comes with a 30 ft high-pressure hose, handle switch, 6 height adjustable electric bar dams, 12 ‘floor brush, 2 magic wand, brush, dust brush, brush wrapped, crevice tools, chrome hangers, and accessory bag hangers.
  • With 12 high strength wires (including super valve adapter) and compatible with most existing gateways, rotate at the handle
  • 6 levels adjustable with LED (Ideal for carpeting) and comes with 12 big floor brush that horsehair Deluxe floor brush (ideal for tiles and wooden floors).

10. LG Cordzero A9 Ultimate, Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Two Batteries


  • LG Cordzero A9 has two batteries that take charge of your cleaning time and comes with two premium rechargeable, detachable batteries that allow you to clean and charge at the same time.
  • Easily store and charge anywhere, anytime without drilling holes in your wall.
  • One-touch control features that enable and disable vacuum or change energy level by touching the thumb, without cramps.
  • Detachable filter for easy maintenance that extends the lifespan of the vacuum cleaner with removable and washable filters.
  • With Deep cleaning dust, the Power Punch nozzle brings vibrations that detect dust hiding in items such as mattresses, sofas, upholstered chairs, and more.

How to choose the Best Vacuum?

The nerve of war is obviously the price. Everyone would like to buy the ultimate vacuum cleaner, which weighs nothing, which sucks up in no time, which is ultra handy and which makes almost no noise … You don’t have to have invented the wheel to understand that more than one vacuum cleaner is modern and full option, the more expensive it will be. Kind of like a car.

A second argument that a buyer will take into account is the configuration of his home. We will not buy the same vacuum cleaner if we live in a two-room apartment of 35m² or in a house of 250m² erected on three floors. Wireless models are very popular right now. Most of the time, they are also the lightest. They therefore meet the requirements for maneuverability and ergonomics. Easy to store, small and light, they take up little space in a small apartment and are, conversely, very practical for use throughout an entire house. Only downside, these are often the most expensive … It goes without saying.

Today, a standard vacuum cleaner weighs approximately 5 – 6 kg when empty. It is therefore at the level of equipment that you have to look to make your choice. Packs are becoming more and more common because most buyers use vacuum cleaners on all kinds of surfaces: parquet, carpet, tiles, etc. For increased efficiency, designers therefore equip their vacuum cleaners with specific brushes and other options. of all kinds.

How to maintain your Best Vacuum?

The vacuum cleaner is the basic device for cleaning a house. Where it goes, the dust dies as the saying goes … Except that often, the dust, it gets stuck in the vacuum cleaner. In the filter to be more precise. The vacuum cleaner therefore deserves, too, punctually, good maintenance, a good big scrub to remain effective in its primary mission: cleaning! Follow our advice for the maintenance of your vacuum cleaner.

To clean your vacuum cleaner properly, you must first focus on an essential object: the filter. It is he who is supposed to retain the particles. If it is too dirty, it will lose its usefulness and the vacuum cleaner will no longer work properly. So remember to clean it properly and regularly. The maintenance must be carried out at least once a year. You just need to pass it under lukewarm water to get rid of all the dust that has gotten into it. For bag vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, the filter is not washable: so remember to change it every 5 bags or so.

In addition to the filter, don’t forget the accessories! First of all the brush, since it is it which is directly in contact with dust. With each use, it is not useless to remove the surplus to avoid creating plugs inside the tube. The tube, precisely, also think of shaking it.

5 minutes of maintenance with each use, your vacuum cleaner deserves that at least.


After a tiring week of work, you have only one idea: throw yourself on the sofa and enjoy your evenings and even weekends. But you suddenly remember that your parents-in-law or cousins are invited to come and eat the same night, so you need to clean up quickly to welcome everyone. This will also be an opportunity to make the right choice, a Best Vacuum For Tile Floors will help everything easier.
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