April 20, 2021

Roomba 805, Review Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Roomba 805

Roomba 805

The revolution in house cleaning has been noticed and promoted by advanced technology equipment and outstanding development. Since then, iRobot has become the most talked about and popular name today. Not only by the brand but also it is quality and intelligence will turn your mind away.

One of the highest-rated models is the Roomba 805 vacuum cleaner. The following review will help you get the most accurate rating of this device.

Review iRobot Roomba 805 vacuum cleaner



Like other Roomba, iRobot Roomba 805 has a height of about 3.6 inches. It navigates easily under most furniture and wall edges.

The robot is designed with an anti-tangle brush to prevent clogging and prevent robot operation. Other parts are also noted to be easy to remove, clean, and replace.

Overall, this Roomba has a sleek and black design. Elegant and elegant colors make your home more modern.


iAdapt Navigation allows the robot vacuum to use multiple sensors to navigate and adapt to your home. It avoids the stairs and enters other rooms by itself, protecting itself in the process.

iRobot also claims that this model will automatically adjust when changing the floor surface, including carpets, bricks, wood and hardwoods. Robot is capable of climbing carpets about 1.5 cm high. With superior cleaning ability, all surfaces are cleaned quickly and efficiently.

You can schedule cleaning up to seven times per week or press the cleaning button on the robot to start the job.

Although it does not outline its progress or update you on what has been cleaned and where it is intended to go, the Roomba 805 uses dual-mode virtual wall barriers that prevent Roomba from having to worry about running. in the home. And you can easily keep the robot limited to one area


Adaptive navigation uses a full sensor to navigate and adapt to changes in your home.

AeroForce 3-stage cleaning system offers up to 50% higher cleaning efficiency.

AeroForce’s high-performance filters capture up to 99% of allergens, pollen, and particles as small as 10 microns.

Convenient schedule up to 7 times per week, or just press CLEAN on the robot.

Automatically return to charging and charging stations.

Avoid stairs and obstacles.

Automatic adjustment for all types of floors – carpets, bricks, hardwoods, lumber, and more.

Add virtual wall devices to help separate areas that you don’t want robots to reach.

Lithium-Ion batteries provide 3 times longer battery life.

Good cleaning ability under furniture.

The dimensions of the product are 18.2 x 16.5 x 5.5 inches.

The weight of the product is about 8.4 pounds.

The device makes a moderate noise due to strong suction.


Suction is one of the most important features when it comes to vacuum cleaners, especially robot vacuums. iRobot has comprehensively enhanced the appeal of the Roomba 805 compared to previous models.

It has a soft barrier, primarily for identifying walls and obstacles and will sag when closing them to help prevent damage to furniture and walls.

It is equipped with a high-performance AeroForce filter, which eliminates 99% of allergens, particles, and pollen as small as 10 microns. This feature helps to effectively clean up to fifty percent more efficiently.

The Roomba 805 masters sweep dust from the edges as it uses side-rotating brushes to push debris into the path of the cleaning system.

Robots can avoid stairs and obstructions during operation. It can automatically adjust to clean carpets, hardwood floors, bricks when operating.

Roomba 805 can navigate around and adjust to your home using the navigation sensors. This is due to a special feature – iAdapt Navigation.

Battery type

This model comes with a lithium-ion battery that claims to last three times longer than a normal battery cycle. Regardless of the operating mode, the robot’s battery gives you 1 to 2 hours of cleaning time depending on the type of floor it will operate on. On average, the uptime is about 70 minutes.

Let’s say Roomba 805 will return to the charging station and recharge itself when needed. In order for the robot to work normally and return to the charging station according to the instructions, you need to position the charging station in the right position and complement the charging station with a certain space so that the robot can easily return to the charging station.

Cleaning performance

Equipped with AeroForce’s high-performance HEPA filter, this vacuum cleaner marketed is capable of capturing up to 99% of all allergens, pollen and up to 10 microns in your home.

It has a three-stage cleaning system that offers up to 50% higher cleaning efficiency than other vacuum cleaners on the market. AeroForce also allows for 5 times more air power when the robot is cleaning.

Tips when using iRobot Roomba 805 vacuum cleaner

For most robot vacuums, there’s one feature you need to keep in mind: Unless it works, leave it at the charging station. As such, the most durable battery life, avoid battery bottle situation and of course will work effectively.

It will have an infrared sensor at the bottom of the device with a height and dirt sensor function. Therefore, these locations should be carefully cleaned when there is dirt and dust to avoid covering the sensor eye and create confusion.

Navigation wheels are also important in robot movement. Please clean the hair wrapped around the wheel regularly.

HEPA filters should not be in contact with water

Some minor drawbacks

There are a few issues that pretty much the iRobot Roomba 805 review note.

Topping this list is its problems covering large floor areas. It tends to lose efficiency when cleaning larger areas even with its performance chipset.

Because 805 is not a fancy model, it does not have mapping features. This is why its models can get a lot of money. It also works by using its light sensors, so if you have dark and underexposed areas at home, then don’t expect them to be cleaned automatically. In general, you may need to make some adjustments if you want this Roomba to do all the work.

Another is its relatively limited dirty capacity. With a small size, you will need to regularly clean it if you will use it regularly. This can be uncomfortable for some people, especially if they live in an especially dusty area.


This robot will be ideal for people with moderate standards for a clean home and is not afraid to monitor equipment. With an affordable price, good cleaning ability, durable machines, this is an ideal model for your home.

The iRobot Roomba 805 robot vacuum cleaner is a basic and extremely useful device for your family. Manufactured from a reputable brand, from machining to technical quality, Roomba 805 meets the standards of Japan, America, Europe. This is also why you should have an iRobot Roomba 805.

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